Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Welcome to the Junior Room blog Term 2          written by Maia

In the Junior Room Ruby and Olivia have been learning to write about what they have been doing.
Here is some of their work.
I was riding a horse named Joe. By Ruby.

One day I saw a huge spider. By Olivia. 

The older children are learning to use description in their stories.

Here is Heidi's...

Last year I went to the pond and the children went swimming and I saw a tadpole and a frog. I saw the water and it was pitch brown. It was like rust.

Kaitia wrote...

I have seen a big spider. It was as big as a spotlight. It was a wolf spider.

Here is Ocean's story....

I like bugs. They look like aliens, that's why I like them. They have lots of legs.


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